Yin and Yang are two siblings that come from Japan. Although they are brother and sister, Yin and Yang always seem to bicker and fight with each other over almost anything, but when forced to work together, they can overcome their differences and make a pretty good team.



Yin and Yang were born in Hong Kong, China. Their parents raised them in a quiet and peaceful environment by settling in the quiet zen towns, where everything was at peace and people were spiritually connected to nature. While growing up, Yin and Yang would constantly fight with each other over just about anything possible. Not sharing toys, falsly blaming each other just to get in trouble, and many many more. As Yin and Yang grew up, they learned ancient Chinese techniques such as Tai-Chi, Martial Arts, and Kung Fu. Both Yin and Yang have been practicing these Chinese techniques ever since they were little kids and have become expert masters at them. Their parents soon have decided that it's time for Yin and Yang to go out on a journey together and experience the world that they live on. Yin and Yang respect their parents and want to honor them by accepting their request to go on a journey together, but the journey that their parents expected to happen was way off from what actually happened. Every part of the journey involved Yin and Yang constantly arguing and disagreeing with each other. Sometimes, their verbal fights would turn into physical fights with each sibling using their Kung Fu and Martial Arts skills against each other. Their journey eventually arrives in the small town of Berry Bitty City when their motorcycles breakdown.

Yin's PersonalityEdit

Yin is the younger sibling of the two, being only one year younger to her older brother Yang. Yin is known to focus more on showing her older brother that she can do anything her brother can. She has earned a 9th degree blackbelt in Martial Arts and is the first female to win a boys Martial Arts tournament. She had to disguise herself as a boy since there were no girls tournaments she could compete in. When using her Martial Arts skills in combat, Yin focuses her mind and body on her fighting technique. She's an expert in rapid agility and pressure point combat, believing that you need to be fast and accurate in order to win. Yin can also use her Tai Chi skills to give soothing massages by using her knowledge of pressure points to relieve stress and tension in the body. When Yin first came to Berry Bitty City, her older brother Yang treats her like she can't do anything for herself and always needs protection, when in reality, Yin can do a lot of things on her own.


Gong Bao Chicken

While living in China, Yin helps her mother in the kitchen and is an expert cook in Chinese food. Her specialty dish is a recipe that her mom taught her called Gon Bao Chicken, which is a famous dish served in Chinese restaurants with a side serving of white rice.

When Yin isn't busy fighting her older brother, she mostly spends her time meditating in the meadow outside of Berry Bitty City. Yin meditates a lot because she always gets angry at Yang and his controlling behavior. Yin is a serious girl who doesn't really know how to let loose and have fun by playing games or doing activities. If provoked, Yin would show a demonstration of her skill by either slicing a piece of food with her bare hands or throw a small projectile and hit something with pin-point accuracy.

Yang's PersonalityEdit

Yang is the older brother to Yin. While living in China, Yang would spend his time practicing his Kung Fu and pushing his body and mind to their limit. He strives to be flawless in combat and to preform impossible moves with no mistake to make his father proud of him. If Yang does make a mistake during his training, he would get angry with himself and restart again and again and again until he can get it right. His style of Kung Fu is focused more on brute aggression and strength. He believes that if you deliver a stronger attack than your opponent, you can win the fight faster. Also, Yang trains his body by taking repeated hits from either a hitting machine or another person, wanting to test his pain limit to get more strength. Yang is a 10th degree blackbelt in Kung Fu and has won numerous tournaments in China. After leaving China, Yang promised his father to look after his sister Yin, which Yang takes too seriously by being overprotective of Yin when she can certainly take care of herself. This makes Yin upset and usually is the main topic for all of their arguments. Yang thinks that Yin is not experienced enough to take care of herself and often does her jobs as well as his jobs too. Deep inside, Yin feels like Yang doesn't trust her and always treats her like a little kid. Whenever Yin and Yang physically fight each other, Yang would come out on top and remind Yin that she isn't good enough. When Yang arrives in Berry Bitty City, he is still overprotective of Yin and never leaves her side, which annoys Yin and makes the other girls nervous. If Yang gets provoked, he will show his brute strength by smashing something into a million pieces or he will pin the person that provoked him up against the wall and shows that he is not to be messed with.

Yin and Yang's MotorcyclesEdit

Both Yin and Yang each own and ride the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R motorcycle. These super fast bikes have about 118 horsepower and can reach speeds of up to 163 miles per hour. Yin and Yang's motorcycles are modified to their specifications.


Yin's Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle

Yin's Ninja ZX-6R is a midnight black color with black rims and a black bodystyle. Her Ninja is modified with slick drifter tires, increased acceleration, and improved handling for tight corners. Yin is a master in the art of drifting corners and can drift perfectly at high speeds.


Yang's Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle

Yang's Ninja Zx-6R is a white color with black rims and a white bodystyle. His Ninja is modified with a higher top speed, improved acceleration, and racing tires for better grip on the road. While his sister Yin can drift corners, Yang can hit his top speed quicker and is much faster than Yin on a straightaway.

Yin's AppearanceEdit