This is how Blueberry introduced Huckleberry to her horse. 

(Blueberry is walking with Huckleberry with her hands in front of his closed eyes)

Huckleberry: Blueberry, are we there yet? This hands in front of closed eyes thing is making me feel a little light-headed.

Blueberry: Don't worry, not long to go.

(They arrive at the stables)

Blueberry: Okay, we're here, Huckleberry! (Removes hands from Huckleberry's eyes)

Huckleberry: (Opens eyes and gasps) Wow! (Sees Lemon and Gold-Lock come towards him, along with Raspberry and Glimmer) Nice horses!

Lemon/Raspberry: (Giggle) Thanks!

Blueberry: You haven't even seen MY horse yet, Huck!

Huckleberry: Wha...? You've got one as well?

Blueberry: Yeah, she's called Bluebell. She should be around here somewhere... (Hears Bluebell neigh) Oh, that sounds like her right now!

(Bluebell gallops over to Blueberry and Huckleberry)

Huckleberry: (Gasps) Your horse's coat matches your colors nicely!

Blueberry: Thanks! (Strokes Bluebell's mane) Don't be shy Huck, give her mane a stroke.

Huckleberry: Okay. (Strokes Bluebell's mane and chuckles as he gets licked by Bluebell) That tickles!

Blueberry: I tend to brush her a lot!

(After a good 10 minute brushdown...)

Huckleberry: Wow, looks nice and clean. (Gives Bluebell a carrot that he saved)

Blueberry: You've saved a carrot for her?

Huckleberry: Yeah.

(Bluebell munches on carrot happily)

Blueberry: (Chuckles) That was kind of you!

Huckleberry: Thanks!

(Bluebell snorts happily)

Blueberry: (Pats Bluebell) So, Huck, wanna get on Bluebell for a little horseback ride?

Huckleberry: Uh, sure!

More coming...

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