This is how Blueberry introduced Huckleberry to her horse. 

(Blueberry is walking with Huckleberry with her hands in front of his closed eyes)

Huckleberry: Blueberry, are we there yet? This hands in front of closed eyes thing is making me feel a little light-headed.

Blueberry: Don't worry, not long to go.

(They arrive at the stables)

Blueberry: Okay, we're here, Huckleberry! (Removes hands from Huckleberry's eyes)

Huckleberry: (Opens eyes and gasps) Wow! (Sees Lemon and Gold-Lock come towards him, along with Raspberry and Glimmer) Nice horses!

Lemon/Raspberry: (Giggle) Thanks!

Blueberry: You haven't even seen MY horse yet, Huck!

Huckleberry: Wha...? You've got one as well?

Blueberry: Yeah, she's called Bluebell. She should be around here somewhere... (Hears Bluebell neigh) Oh, that sounds like her right now!

(Bluebell gallops over to Blueberry and Huckleberry)

Huckleberry: (Gasps) Your horse's coat matches your colors nicely!

Blueberry: Thanks! (Strokes Bluebell's mane) Don't be shy Huck, give her mane a stroke.

Huckleberry: Okay. (Strokes Bluebell's mane and chuckles as he gets licked by Bluebell) That tickles!

Blueberry: I tend to brush her a lot!

(After a good 10 minute brush down...)

Huckleberry: Wow, looks nice and clean. (Gives Bluebell a carrot that he saved)

Blueberry: You've saved a carrot for her?

Huckleberry: Yeah.

(Bluebell munches on carrot happily)

Blueberry: (Chuckles) That was kind of you!

Huckleberry: Thanks!

(Bluebell snorts happily)

Blueberry: (Pats Bluebell) So, Huck, wanna get on Bluebell for a little horseback ride?

Huckleberry: Uh, sure!

(Bluebell lies down)

Huckleberry: Thanks, Bluebell. (Sits down on Bluebell's back)

(Bluebell gets up and Huckleberry holds tight)

Huckleberry: (Breaths in, then out) Okay, I've gotten on the horse. (Holds on as Bluebell begins walking) Okay, we're doing well. (Turns neck right to tell Bluebell to turn right) This is incredible. (Turns neck left to tell Bluebell to go left)

Blueberry: Having fun?

Huckleberry: You bet I am!

(After riding Bluebell in a trot, canter and gallop, Huckleberry is brushing Bluebell down)

Huckleberry: That was fun!

Blueberry: Glad to hear! I'll give you a ride home on Bluebell. How does that sound?

Huckleberry: Sounds quite like a bit more fun.