• Slipperyfish913

    So, I decided to do a little story, where Cherry and her horse High-Note show Strawberry what she learned at High-Note's old academy. Here we go.

    (Class session 1 - The basics)

    Cherry has just finished putting High-Note's saddle and reins on.

    Cherry: Perfect!

    Strawberry: Hey Cherry, I've come for my riding class.

    Cherry: Right on time as well. (Pats High-Note) I've just geared my horse up.

    (High-Note snorts happily)

    Strawberry: (Chuckles) Hello, High-Note. (Strokes her back)

    Cherry: Okay. Since this is your first time doing this, we'll begin with the basics.

    Strawberry: Oh, starting from square one! (Giggles) OK! (Gets on the way did when she saw Cherry do it) I've learnt how to get on when we rescued this beautiful horse.

    Cherry: Well, at least you…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    A little alternate version of how Cherry met High-Note.

    (Cherry had just finished lunch at Strawberry's café)

    Cherry: Strawberry, this was quite a delicious sandwich.

    Strawberry: Glad you liked it.

    (Later, Cherry goes on a little stroll)

    Cherry: (Hums for a bit) It IS a nice day for a stroll.

    (Birds sing as they fly in the sky)

    Cherry (To the birds): Hello birds!

    Plum (As she passes Cherry): Hey Cherry!

    Cherry: Hi Plum!

    (Cherry keeps humming as she strolls along)

    Cherry: This is nice! Just what I needed! (Hears a neighing sound) Huh? What was that? (Hears more neighing, which is followed by a snorting sound) I think I heard something like this before... (Hears yet, more neighing, but this time, she turns and points to where the sound was coming from)…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    If anybody wants to know why the horses were added, here are my reasons.

    1: I love horses.

    2: The idea of horse related characters came to mind when I wanted to contribute to this Fandom a little more.

    3: I remember once on the original Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Wiki (Before the fan characters got moved here to make my dream come true), the Admin suggested that the Berry Bitty Girls could have horses (Thanks Chrismh for the idea.)

    4: I found a cool lineart on Deviantart. Here: (

    5 (And this is the most honest reason why I created the horses): Because they are fan characters, the colour and pattern ideas felt kind of endless.

    And those are my reasons why some of the characte…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    I really don't get what's with me and transcripts... Here's Glimmer's story.

    (Raspberry is taking a little stroll in the countryside)

    Raspberry: I just love walking through the countryside. (Chuckles) It's such a nice day for it. (Whistles for a minute) Yep, it really is... (Hears a horse neighing) ...a nice day for a stroll. (Stops walking) Was that a horse? (Sees Glimmer) Awww... (As she gets closer to Glimmer): Poor thing. (Strokes the horse) Hello there.

    Original owner: Excuse me ma'am, have you come to see the horse?

    Raspberry: Well, I was taking a little stroll and I saw this poor thing feeling lonely. (Giggles as she gets licked by Glimmer)

    Original owner: (Chuckles) It seems Glimmer is fond of you. (As he opened Glimmer's stable and sh…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    Sometimes I just LOVE doing transcripts...  I do! I loved doing High-Note's story about how she met Cherry and how she helped Huckleberry, but this one's about Bluebell. I thought I'd make one based on Bluebell and how she met Blueberry. Here we go.

    Blueberry takes a stroll.

    Blueberry: Hmm... What mystery story can me and Huckleberry write today? (Hears neighing) Is... Is that a horse I can hear? (Watches a blue mare gallop past and gasps)

    (The horse gets stuck in mud and whines as if it is spooked)

    Blueberry: Oh no! (Dials a number on her phone) Oh... (To the phone operator): Hello? This is Blueberry Muffin calling out a rescue group.

    Phone operator: Stat the emergency please.

    Blueberry (On the phone): There's a blue horse stuck in some mud ou…

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