• Slipperyfish913

    Why do I love making stories for the horses so much? It's probably because I love horses...  This story's about Crystal and Butterscotch meeting Huckleberry!

    (At the stables)

    Strawberry (Calling to Crystal): Crystal, I need to put your saddles and reins on for a quick ride which has a bit of importance!

    Crystal: (Neighs) Coming, Strawberry! (Trots over to Strawberry)

    Strawberry (When Crystal has stopped in front of her): C'mon! I've got a friend out there who needs help! (Tacks Crystal up)

    Crystal: Oh, someone needs a ride?

    Strawberry: Something like that. He said he'll have a red flag to show us where he is! (Mounts Crystal)

    Crystal: Okay! (Neighs and rears)

    (In the countryside)

    Strawberry (As Crystal pants while galloping through the countryside)…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    This is how Blueberry introduced Huckleberry to her horse. 

    (Blueberry is walking with Huckleberry with her hands in front of his closed eyes)

    Huckleberry: Blueberry, are we there yet? This hands in front of closed eyes thing is making me feel a little light-headed.

    Blueberry: Don't worry, not long to go.

    (They arrive at the stables)

    Blueberry: Okay, we're here, Huckleberry! (Removes hands from Huckleberry's eyes)

    Huckleberry: (Opens eyes and gasps) Wow! (Sees Lemon and Gold-Lock come towards him, along with Raspberry and Glimmer) Nice horses!

    Lemon/Raspberry: (Giggle) Thanks!

    Blueberry: You haven't even seen MY horse yet, Huck!

    Huckleberry: Wha...? You've got one as well?

    Blueberry: Yeah, she's called Bluebell. She should be around here somewhere..…

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    Behold, an alternative introductory to the High-Note, Gold-Lock, Glimmer and Bluebell. Here we go!

    Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Lemon were heading home from a picnic, and then Cherry spots some horses, grazing in a field.

    Cherry: (Points to the horses) Hey look, there are some horses over there!

    Blueberry/Lemon/Raspberry: Horses? (All three look at the horses) Ooh!

    (The horses spot the girls and trot over to them)

    Raspberry: (Gasps) They're coming towards us!

    Cherry: Are they?

    Field owner (To the four girls): I see the horses want to know you a little bit.

    (The horses stop in front of the girl they wanted to know)

    Blueberry: Oh, this blue one's looking at me. (Holds hand out to let the horse sniff it)

    (The blue horse neighs excitedly at Blueberr…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    So, I decided to do a little story, where Cherry and her horse High-Note show Strawberry what she learned at High-Note's old academy. Here we go.

    (Class session 1 - The basics)

    Cherry has just finished putting High-Note's saddle and reins on.

    Cherry: Perfect!

    Strawberry: Hey Cherry, I've come for my riding class.

    Cherry: Right on time as well. (Pats High-Note) I've just geared my horse up.

    (High-Note snorts happily)

    Strawberry: (Chuckles) Hello, High-Note. (Strokes her mane)

    Cherry: Okay. Since this is your first time doing this, we'll begin with the basics.

    Strawberry: Oh, starting from square one! (Giggles) OK! (Gets on the way Cherry did) I've learnt how to get on when we rescued this beautiful horse.

    Cherry: Well, at least you know how to do tha…

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  • Slipperyfish913

    A little alternate version of how Cherry met High-Note.

    (Cherry had just finished lunch at Strawberry's café)

    Cherry: Strawberry, this was quite a delicious sandwich.

    Strawberry: Glad you liked it.

    (Later, Cherry goes on a little stroll)

    Cherry: (Hums for a bit) It IS a nice day for a stroll.

    (Birds sing as they fly in the sky)

    Cherry (To the birds): Hello birds!

    Plum (As she passes Cherry): Hey Cherry!

    Cherry: Hi Plum!

    (Cherry keeps humming as she strolls along)

    Cherry: This is nice! Just what I needed! (Hears a neighing sound) Huh? What was that? (Hears more neighing, which is followed by a snorting sound) I think I heard something like this before... (Hears yet, more neighing, but this time, she turns and points to where the sound was coming from)…

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